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Braiding Sweetgrass Action Group

For all who have read Robin Wall Kimmerer's book Braiding Sweetgrass you know that you are called to see Earth differently and to enter into a reciprocal relationship of care with Earth.  Many see the book as radically transformational with so much to absorb and integrate.

Restoring Earth Connection offers 12 week study action groups on the book.  These are not book study's but rather community building, self- reflection, experiential, action oriented dives into what this book brings forward.

Examples of subjects covered:

     * Learning one's ecosystem

     * The Honorable Harvest

     * Story telling                               

     * The Power of Ceremony

     * Rights of Nature

     * Gratitude

 * A Council of All Beings

 * Being Settlers

 * Relationship to Land

 * Native Knowledge

 * Communicating with Trees


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